Membership of the Plant Biologicals Network

The network is open for including new members. If you wish to apply for membership of the network, please send a motivation letter to Network Manager Aleksandra Mleczek The motivation letter should address how your organization lives up to the purpose of the network (Bylaws § 2) and how it fits with the membership criteria (Bylaws § 6.1) .

The core members each contribute with 35.000-40.000 DKK yearly to the network budget.

Yearly membership fee for ordinary members (based on CVR number) Membership fee
Small companies: fewer than 50 employees and an annual turnover/balance sheet below €10 million* 3.000 DKK
Medium-sized and large companies: over 50 employees or an annual turnover/balance sheet over 10 million euro 15.000 DKK
Public institutions or GTS institutions with under 250 employees 10.000 DKK
Public institutions or GTS institutions with over 250 employees 25.000 DKK

* Following the EU’s definition of small- and medium-sized enterprises:


Aleksandra Mleczek, Network Manager / +45 35 32 99 54