The Plant Biologicals Network works across the following focus areas


The network is anchored in Scandinavia with members from Denmark and Sweden, but we have an international outlook. We have recently expanded our geographical focus to encompass Nordic countries and the Baltic states in an effort to connect with relevant, international stakeholders. One tool for this is our annual symposium, where speakers and participants are invited from around the world for a full day of presentations and networking.

Test & Regulation

Because plant biologicals are young products, there are still some challenges in terms of test and regulation. Standard procedures or protocols for testing have not yet been developed and regulations are to some extend tailored to chemical and not biologicals products. In the network we work on creating awareness about the current obstacles for test and approval of new biologial products. We are in dialogue with Danish, Swedish and EU regulators and have addressed the topic at our annual symposium as well as during a workshop on regulation.

Education & Entrepreneurship

Spreading knowledge and awareness about plant biologicals is central for the network. Our focus group includes students at both universities and technical schools. Among other things we host a matchmaking event between students and industry members in connection with our annual symposium.

Likewise, a strong ecosystem is important for fostering innovation and development in the biologicals cluster. The network therefore looks to supporting entrepreneurship and start-up companies to ensure a boost of new biosolutions.