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Plant Biologicals Network Annual Reports

Plant Biologicals Network Annual Report 2018-2019.

Abstract books from PBN Symposiums

Plant Biologicals Network Symposium Abstract Book 2019.

Plant Biologicals Network Symposium Abstract Book 2018.

Scientific publications on plant biologicals

Why has the authorization of microbial biological control agents been slower in the EU than in comparable jurisdictions? (Article 2020) Sundh I., Eilenberg J. Pest Management Science.

Innovation can accelerate the transition towards a sustainable food system (Article 2020). Herrero, M., Thornton, P.K., Mason-D’Croz, D. et al. Nature Food.

Authorization of microbial plant protection products in the Scandinavian countries: A comparative analysis (Article 2020). Kvakkestada V, Sundbye A, Gwynn R, Klingen I. Environmental Science and Policy.

Sense and nonsense of the secondary metabolites data requirements in the EU for beneficial microbial control agents (Article, 2019). Scheepmaker JWA, Busschers M, Sundh I, Eilenberg J,
Butt TM. Biological Control.

Pesticidal natural products – status and future potential (Article, 2019). Marrone PG. Pest Manag Sci. 

Natural Enemies – An Introduction to Biological Control (Book, 2018). Hajek AE, Eilenberg J.