Click here to download the program for the virtual Plant Biologicals Network Symposium 12 November 2020.

Click on the presentation titles below to download the slides.

Contribution to IPM in Different Crops – Sharing Experiences from Syngenta Development Program.
Stefan Dragos │ New Technology Agronomy Expert │ Syngenta
Marco Zuffa │ Technical Manager Spec & Veg │ Syngenta

Inhouse development of animal friendly Epichloë grass endophytes.
Niels Roulund │ Plant breeder │ DLF

Plant extracts for plant disease control: a case study from rice.
Hans Jørgen Lyngs Jørgensen │ Associate Professor │ University of Copenhagen

Practical experiences with biologicals in the field.
Benny Jensen │ Agronomist │ BJ Agro

BioGrowth – Development of a new test system for biostimulants for potatoes and field vegetables.
Merete Edelenbos │ Associate professor │ Aarhus University

Integrating biocontrol agents and pollinators into the extended phenotype of plants.
Johan A Stenberg │ Professor │ Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences